About Sunco

Sunco International Trading established in 1985 in Jebel Ali Dubai as a fully owned subsidiary of Borna Trading Development Company.

It is formed with six broad catagories of trading objectives such as
1. Basic Steel Products
2. Reinforcement Steel Bars
3. Oil field pipes, valves, fittings, flanges and gaskets
4. Heavy Equipment, Machinery and spare parts
5. Handling, loading and lifting equipments
6. Construction Equipments, Machinery and spare parts.

Trading Specialised

Over the past years, we have developed our business in the GCC Countries with the products of the major manufacturers and dealers from Asia, Europe and Americas. The major areas where we have shown our mark in trading are
Oil Exploration / Production
Oil and Petrochemical Refineries
Pipe and Vessel Fabrication
Power Generation
Speciality Machining
Water Treatment Facilities
Architectural Construction
Boiler, Heater, Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanges
Engineering and Construction
Gas Processing and Distribution
Mechanical Contracting

We Provide

Construction is a highly localised industry with significant variances between countries and regions. In all markets, we work closely with our customers to deliver solutions aimed at improving cost-effectiveness and speed of construction, increasing the functionality and performance of buildings and infrastructure. Our goal is to reduce the consumption of resources, including energy, both in the original construction process and in ongoing usage. From helping to build the worlds most impressive buildings to providing the metal and expertise for infrastructure projects, Sunco Steel has the products and services to meet the needs and standards of the global construction sector.